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​​​​​​​​​​about the book


The Chaos of Longing is a prose and poetry collection draped in raw honesty, ache, and eroticism. It explores trauma, love, heartbreak, and the realizations from it all.​

The Chaos of Longing is about women who searched for love in the wrong places. Women who've experienced trauma. Women who gave all of themselves and got nothing in return. Women who are in desperate need of self-love and healing. It's for all of the hurt inside of them. Although I write exclusively for women, men can learn from book too. 

​The book is divided into four sections: "inception", "longing", "chaos", and "epiphany". "Inception" briefly examines formative years and mental illness. The poems in "longing" are about love and sensuality. "Chaos" explores heartache, toxic relationships and unrequited love. After chaos, there is order with the healing poems in "epiphany".  

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