​​​The self-published edition of The Chaos of Longing has officially sold 20,000+ copies as of today. I cannot thank the readers enough for all of the love and support. In 2016 I sold under 800 copies & that was a success in itself. I recently learned that self-published books only sell about 250 copies over its lifetime. 

 I never would've dreamt that 2017 would be a breakout year for this imperfect pink book. I'm forever grateful. This book has changed my life and I hope in some little way it has changed yours.

What a perfect milestone before retiring this edition. I hope for your continued support with the revised & expanded edition releasing September 26th through Andrews McMeel Publishing. .Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! 


My debut poetry collection, The Chaos of Longing is set to be re-released by Andrews McMeel Publishing September 26, 2017.

I would like your continued support as I make this leap from self-published to traditionally published. I never in my wildest dreams thought this would happen. This time last year, I was unsure about the progression of my life but this book never stopped begging to be written. I’m glad I finally got out of my way and listened.

​As always, thank you for supporting my he(art).

k.y. robinson

Copyright © K.Y. Robinson


Today is release day and so many thoughts come to mind. I am excited yet terrified. I am grateful yet feel unworthy. Thank you for all of the emails, tweets, and DMs. Your support means the world to me! I would love to hear feedback on the revised and expanded edition. What was your favorite poem? What was your least favorite poem? What would you like to see me write about more in future works? 


A milestone happened today. I wasn't sure if I should share or not because I didn't want it to seem like I was bragging but I think I should revel in this accomplishment. I never thought it would happen. So here it goes...as of today June 27, 2017, I have sold 15,000+ paperback copies of The Chaos of Longing.

I did this without a marketing team, publishing deal or a huge social media following. I was virtually unknown. It was just me and my heart spilling into these pages. Then you guys came along and took a chance on me! You guys have been the best readers a girl could ever ask for. All of your messages and emails telling me what this little book has meant to you made me feel like self-publishing this book was worth it.

I sat on this baby for years. I didn't think anyone wanted to read about my brokenheartedness, trauma and mental illness but years later, a market opened up for it. I decided that the world needed my voice too. I am forever grateful for your support and I hope it continues with the re-release with Andrews McMeel Publishing this September.

Thank you so much! Thank you for believing in and supporting my he(art). Go out there and live out your dreams!!! Right now!!!